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Our Expertise

Specializing in Stormwater Solutions and Sustainable Landscaping within the Lake George basin using GREEN Infrastructure and Low-Impact Development (LID)Techniques.
Civil Engineering

Design related to Civil Engineering happens on every infrastructure or development project. It can cover a broad spectrum of practice areas; from site design, water & wastewater, culverts, hydrology, soils, traffic studies & parking analysis, stormwater management structural engineering and environmental studies & permitting.

Site Design

Site design focuses on all of the exterior components outside of the building or dwelling being constructed. Soil disturbances from construction activities can cause sediment and erosion to leave a project site.


Low-impact development (LID) techniques can reduce the amount of disturbance to a site while focusing the development on the best locations on the property and minimizing impact. 

Stormwater Management Design

Stormwater management is the control of runoff from precipitation that flows across land and eventually discharges into a body of water. Stormwater management is the practice of controlling and managing stormwater runoff by directing the runoff to control devices to contain and release the runoff at a slower rate. Some common practices are vegetated swales, biroretention (rain gardens), permeable pavers and filter strips. 

Engineered Septic Systems

Design of alternative or "Engineered" Individual Wastewater Treatment Systems using many of the most current technologies available.


PuraFlo Peat Biofilter Systems are one of the highest performing wastewater treatment systems on the market.


Eljen, Presby and Mound Systems are also very good systems when conditions permit.

Green Infrastructure

We take great pride in our expertise of green infrastructure. We know stormwater management and also plants, specifically native plants.  


Designs using permeable pavers and rain gardens reduce the amount of stormwater runoff by allowing runoff to infiltrate the soil.


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Green Infrastructure

Permitting & Regulatory Consulting

Obtaining permits in the Adirondack Park can be a very complicated process. There are numerous regulatory agencies that may require permits before you can officially start your project.


Your project can flounder without the proper understanding of the permit approval process and time schedule. There are many stumbling blocks and hurdles to overcome before your project can be built. It can be tricky navigating between the local municipalities and various environmental regulatory agencies.

Consulting Engineer

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