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Gallery of Recent Project Photos from around Lake George

Check out some of our latest green infrastructure project photos.
Stormwater Management Design


Stormwater management is the control of runoff from precipitation that flows across the grpund surface and eventually flows into a body of water. Stormwater management is the practice of controlling and managing stormwater runoff by directing the runoff to control devices to contain and release the runoff at a slower rate. Some common practices are vegetated swales, biroretention (rain gardens), permeable pavers and filter strips. 

Individual Wastewater Treatment Systems

Individual wastewater treatment systems last about 20-years. As systems age, they require more maintenance and upkeep, possibly needing a complete upgrade. Enhanced Treatment Units (ETU's) or "Engineered" Individual Wastewater Treatment Systems have greatly improved the wastewater industry. There are a vast amount of products on the market, from traditional stone & pipe laterals, Eljen-Geotextile Sand Filter Systems (GSF), PuraFlo Peat Biofilter Systems, Presby Advanced Enviro-Septic Treatment Systems.


These are some of the highest performing wastewater treatment systems on the market. Each site's conditions may dictate which system is the most effective and least costly.


Site Design & Permitting

Site design focuses on all of the exterior components outside of the building or dwelling being constructed. Soil disturbances from construction activities can cause sediment and erosion to leave a project site.


Low-impact development (LID) techniques can reduce the amount of disturbance to a site while focusing the development on the best locations on the property and minimizing impact. 


Consulting Engineer

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